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Intimate Boudoir Photography
a Milwaukee Boudoir Photographer

Welcome to Intimate Boudoir, a Milwaukee based photography studio that specializes in boudoir photography. We offer a private photography service for brides wanting a wedding gift for their groom or to capture a moment in time to commemorate your success with a weight loss program or with body enhancement.

At Intimate Boudoir Photography we understand how difficult it can be when your husband or wife is deployed overseas, and because of that we do extend special pricing to military family members. Currently over half our clients are military family members who have been very happy with our results.

What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir Photography is said to be a fashionable way to create sensual images of women in a boudoir style. Typically these sessions are shot in either a photographer’s studio or luxury hotel suites. Most often these images are shared with a bride’s husband as a wedding gift.

Boudoir photography gifts can also be offered as birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day. However it is not limited to just being gifts to others. We have worked with some special ladies who recently had a change in their body that they are proud of and wanted to capture that moment in time.

Boudoir Photography Services

Some of our services include private boudoir photography sessions; Classy pin up photography sessions; Bridal boudoir gifts and intimate portraits. We are also a full service portrait studio which means that we can also do portraits that are non-boudoir in nature and in most cases cost less than a full boudoir session.