Boudoir Photographer Feature: Randall Slavin

Rachel Vallori by Randall Slavin
Rachel Vallori by Randall Slavin

Here at Intimate Boudoir Photography, we are always looking to photographers on the cutting edge of their craft. These are the people that set the standard that other photographers want to achieve, through their brilliance and talent in their craft.

As a photographer who focuses on Boudoir Photography, we strive to the best in our area, however, it takes time and a LOT of practice. The more we shoot, the better quality of photographic content we can produce which only makes our clients happier with their product. So, over the next few months we are going to feature some of the industry giants in Boudoir Photography and look at how we can apply their concepts to your boudoir session.

To start off our series, we look at Randall Slavin. Randall is a photographer from Hollywood, California, who got his start after wandering into a local photography studio. He befriended the owner who taught him photography basics, before firing him a few months later. With nowhere else to turn, he fully immersed himself into becoming a photographer. Now his work has been featured in New York Times Magazine, GQ, Esquire, Rolling Stones and many others.

There is one feature of his where he worked with Rachell Vallori, a Cuban model, where they did a session we like to call, a White Sheet Session. This session is typically shot in a bedroom setting where the model is set on a messy bed wearing no clothes. The “White Sheet” phrase comes from, the only object the model is granted to cover herself with, is a white sheet. What this causes is an atmosphere of flirtiness and mystery of what is behind the white sheet, and arouses curiosity in the view of the photograph. Let’s face it, majority of the boudoir session that we shoot are meant to cause arousal in its viewer, whether it is a boyfriend, soon to be husband or the husband of a sassy wife.

In closing, the White Sheet session is a sure-fire way to give your favorite guy a sexy gift that he won’t forget. Also, we are offering $100 off to the first five people to book a session of this type, we only ask in return that you let us feature some of those photographs in our online gallery, we can crop out your head to keep you anonymous.  And without futher delay, check out the photos below from Randall Slavin, featuring a boudoir session with Rachell Vallori.

Collaboration with Dr. Alex Colque

skiin-promoWe recently collaborated with Dr. Alex Colque, the head surgeon at Skiin Ant-Aging Lounge, with a sizzling boudoir session with a client of his. The photographs then were used in several different advertisements around the area. One of those pieces is the June issue of “M” Magazine.

We know that June is basically over and the July version of the magazine has already come out, it’s only because we have been so busy with the response to their ads, that we had time to share with you on our blog.

With July around the corner, and Wedding season starting to get into a full swing, don’t pass up on the opportunity to get your groom a special wedding gift that is for his eyes only. So give us a call, or send us an email, and we can plan your next adventure in your marriage.

Intimate-Boudoir Featured in BRAVA Magazine

cover_news_BRAVA_214I know there are several of you who want us to take your boudoir photographs this year, however with my military obligations taking me to the other side of the world, you will just have to patiently wait a few more months. In the mean time you are still able to sign up for my newsletter, which I am hoping to release soon with some great boudoir posing tips and clothing ideas.

On a “cool” note, we were featured in the February issue of BRAVA Magazine being listed as one of the greater Madison area’s experienced photographers on their website. Since BRAVA gave us an unsolicited shout out, I felt it was only fair to do the same.