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To make your shoot as unique as possible I recommend that you bring at least 3-5 different outfits to your shoot.  Some individual clothing ideas can include sports apparel, your favorite shirt or other clothing items that belong to your spouse. For the more intimate look, dig into your naughty drawer and bring out those favorite pairs of hip-huggers with a matching top to send your man into frenzy.


Of course every outfit is not complete unless you have a great matching pair of shoes to go along with it. Some women wear heels, some go barefoot, you really know what goes best with each outfit that you choose.


Use jewelry to lightly enhance the outfit that it matches. You don’t want some huge gaudy necklace or earrings to distract your spouse from the photograph.  So lightly frost yourself in various jewelry items that is simple and that compliments your outfit.

Clothing Ideas

So you’ve ripped through your drawers, closest and shoe boxes trying to find outfits that work for you, but you need help. Well here are a few resources that can help you to find what to wear, that you probably didn’t even think about.

  • Victoria’s Secret – A Victoria’s Secret catalog is the closest thing you can find to mass production of Boudoir Photography. So it is a good resource to use to help build outfits, as well as find a few sexy poses.
  • Pin Up Girl Clothing – If you are looking for more of a Pin-Up Photography style, check out this resource. It has many clothing options as well as posing ideas.
  • – is your online “Halloween Express”. They have all kinds of Costumes that you can purchase for your next Boudoir Shoot.
  • Fredrick’s of Hollywood – Fredrick’s of Hollywood is always a classic. Check out their Dream Collection of Corsets for some great ideas.
  • Yandy Sexy Lingerie – has a create budget selection of Lingerie and costumes that would look great with any Boudoir Session.
  • Corset-Story USA – Corset Story is exclusive seller of Corsets and Corset Accessories. Check these guys out for your next corset.
  • – has a large selection of cheap, sexy lingerie.
  • – Lingerie to hug your curves.

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