About Intimate Boudoir Photography

Welcome to Intimate Boudoir! Owned and Operated by Geoffrey Rickaby and his wife. Geoffrey specializes in boudoir photography, pin up & retro photo shoots, bridal boudoir, sexy photo shoots, and nude photography. We have been working together in Boudoir Photography for a couple years. We love being able to catch raw emotion and turn it into art. We have traveled into the boudoir photography world working with women to create a beautiful piece of art that makes them feel confident and sexy! The process of having yourself photographed in a sexy and intimate way is something that every woman should experience. The goal is to arouse, turn on, and give a big smile to your significant other. There are, however, a lot of ladies who do the shoot for themselves. It’s an opportunity to celebrate yourself, your body, and to admire who you’ve become.

We enjoy the use of natural light, it adds more dimension to a photo than any lighting fixture could. We are also a proponent of using a hotels. Hotels offer you a more luxury setting than most home or studio could offer. The boudoir marathon photo session allows you to dress and make-up, and also the option of shooting with your friends if you so desire. You should expect a regular session to last about 1-2 hours depending on the package you choose. Don’t think against boudoir because of any insecurities or imperfections you feel you might have. Our job is to perfect you in a photograph! Anything can be beautified (cellulite, age spots) unless specified otherwise post processing if you like, to give you a gorgeous glow.

The shoot is a relaxed and fun environment! Even if you don’t have many outfits to bring a lot can be done with even your significant others white dress shirt or favorite tie! Let your hair down, don’t worry about a thing. Lets have some fun!

Employment Opportunities

Intimate Boudoir Photography is always looking for new talent and those of whom want to grow in the industry. Currently all our positions are contract based which means that you are paid a set amount per session. Click here to view our current openings.